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What Justice Means to Me To me Justice means that a perpetrator of a crime that has been convicted of committing the crime he/she was charged with; receives a punishment that is equally as harsh as the crime the perpetrator committed. I also believe that in order to bring justice for the victim, the victim and/ or the victim’s family should be given counseling to enable them to work through the feelings and psychological issues that they may go through because of the crime that was committed against the victim. This counseling should be at the expense of the perpetrator. I personally am not seeking a career in the field of criminal law. I am seeking my degree in the field of psychology. My goal is to obtain my bachelors degree in psychology and begin working as a children’s service worker for the Children’s Division and to continue with college working toward a Masters Degree in both Psychology and Social Work. Once I have accomplished this I hope to one day own and operate my own counseling center. I have worked closely with the children’s division over the last 6 years, and I believe that there is no true justice served for victims of child abuse and neglect. Child abuse and neglect is usually committed by a family member, most often a parent or grandparent; or a close family friend acting as caregiver. “Offenders typically preyed on children they knew, not strangers.”(US Department of Justice) The perpetrators in these cases are not always sentenced to a punishment that is equally as harsh as the crime that the perpetrator committed. “I was shocked to learn that the average sentence for child homicide in Allegheny County is less than two years in prison. In many cases, sentences are tougher for abusing animals than kids.”( Fontana) Some perpetrators are convicted of their crime while others are never charged within a court of law due to the lack of

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