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What Justice Means to Me Jennifer Pierce April 23, 2009 What Justice Means to Me What justice means to me. I believe that justice is a form of societal defense mechanism, allowing a society to purge itself of elements it does not accept without running into problems of the legitimacy of the purge. Yet despite the basic idea that most people have of justice, it is different in different circumstances for different people. Justice is achieved when an unjust act is redressed and the victim feels whole again. Justice also means the offender is held accountable for his or her behavior. In general, justice is meant more for the society as a whole than for the individual victims because it is designed to prove repeatedly that people are safe within their society. I believe justice means to me doing what is right and fair and what is deserved. If the justice system was open for change then I would say that the change needs to be made in the appeals process. The simple reason I say this is that if someone has doubts in their sentence they can appeal their case. It is not the simple fact that an appeal happenes once, it is the fact that is happens over and over again because they do not like the answer they are getting. I believe that they get one shot and if they are found guilty then they should carry out their sentence. I think that society as a whole is too lenient and if they sentence someone that is done and final there is not a waiting process and spend numerous amounts of jail time trying to figure out what is the right thing to do. Personally I believe that no one should be sentenced to life in prison, it is a waste of taxpayers’ money. If they commit a crime give them a certain amount of years for that particular crime or if the crime is so horrendous the person should be sentenced to death. I know that some people are for and against the dealth penalty, but

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