What It Means to Dress Appropriately or Inappropriately for an Interview

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The criteria developed on what is considered dressing appropriately and inappropriately for an interview should be understood by any job seeker. The first judgment that is made will be on your appearance which is a visual representation of the candidates overall productivity and usefulness to the business. A potential employer can establish many perceptions about you like if you are organized person or whether you have confidence in yourself and your abilities. It also shows respect to the interviewers business and the position in which you are pursuing. Men and women alike should have a clear understanding of what’s appropriate and what’s inappropriate in the particular work environment you have chosen. When choosing what to wear always consider the material; silk or wool are best because, they are less likely to wrinkle. Dark colors are also preferred such as black, dark blue, or gray they give one a meek look. Men should wear a suit, or a blazer with khaki pants. Wear a tie to show professionalism but, do not choose one with lots of color or designs to prevent distracting the interviewer. Make sure that the shoes are cleaned and polished, and that the socks match with the pants or tie. Women choices include a pants or knee length skirt suit. Put on a white or nude colored blouse that is not low cut, you don’t want to send the wrong impression. Shoes should have a 4’ hill or smaller or you may choose to wear flats. Accessories like a necklace or earrings adds accent the formal look but, should be kept at a minimum. Everything should be worn with moderation including your make-up is allowed. Dressing inappropriately will have negative effect on your interview. A job candidate can dress inappropriately in many ways. One way is by a man wearing jeans, flip flops or sneakers are not professional looking and should be avoided. Men should also make sure to be clean and

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