What It Means to Be Well Educated Essay

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What it Means to be Well-Educated Cara Wood Liberty University Abstract The question of what it means to be well-educated can be very difficult to answer. But if you look deep into what you think it may mean, then you will find the answer. Being well-educated isn’t about how many books you have read, the grades that you have gotten, or the amount of knowledge you possess of a particular subject. To me being well-educated lies within how much you want to learn and are willing to learn. In this essay I will discuss why I believe that this is true. What it Means to be Well Educated Growing up, I wasn’t surrounded by individuals that pushed themselves to learn more every day. It seemed as if my family was content with the knowledge that they currently possessed. After reading the article, What it Means to be Well-Educated, by Alfie Kohn (2003), I realized that they were not pushing themselves to be well-educated or to learn more. I think that this is why I didn’t push myself during high school. I thought that being well-educated meant that you achieved the best grades and were very knowledgeable in many subjects. I didn’t always get good grades. In fact, I thought that I wasn’t smart enough to finish high school, so I dropped out my senior year with only five more credits to earn. However this was not the case. Soon after I dropped out of high school, I found out that it was imperative to earn my GED in order to get a better career. I aced the GED with flying colors on all subjects except for one, which I still passed. I realized that if I applied myself, I could do anything, and in high school my grades reflected my lack of interest, not my abilities. In Kohn’s article (2003) he states that, “no single test is sufficiently valid, reliable, or meaningful that it can be treated as a marker for academic success” (Kohn, 2003, para. 14). This

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