What It Means to Be Dominican

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What is means to be Dominican What does it mean to be Dominican? Being Dominican implies rights and responsibilities. You are a citizen. Defending your country whole heartedly, remembering and sharing the memories of favorite past time traditions handed down, and most of all being able to speak of your love for the local cuisine. Every citizen of a country has rights and responsibilities, though they may vary. All Dominicans possess the right to express their views freely and openly. A responsibility is something that is your job to do something about, or to think about. It is something that affects our lives and other people's lives. Therefore being Dominicans means that you have a duty to assist in the development of the country. Also being Dominican means defending your country in every possible way you can. Not letting outsiders tarnish the name of your country. Speaking boldly and fearlessly for the benefit of your country whether you are in the support of the present leaders or not. Next, majority if not all Dominicans have a story to tell. Be it jokes, life lessons, and even witchcraft. Dominicans are among the few who have humorous stories to tell. Being Dominican means you will most likely thrill persons with your vivid tales. Lastly, you cannot be Dominican if you do not have a love for the local foods such as fish and salt fish, broth and other ground provisions. Not excluding the local juices. Any foreigner who has sampled Dominica’s local foods will know why citizens of the nature isle boast their cuisine. To conclude being Dominican means defending your country, standing up for your rights. Being able to humor individuals with tales and enjoying the local
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