What Is Youth Football Persuasive Essay

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John Smith [pic] Youth Football Over the years, football has grown to become one of the most widely viewed and played sports in the United States. Like other sports, football generates immense amounts of passion whether you are just a fan or actually play the game. Some people are deprived of the great feelings team sports bring which then leads to ignorance passed on to children of their own. No matter where a family decides to raise their children, there will more than likely be a place within reasonable distance for them to enroll their son or daughter in a youth football program around age ten. Some people believe that children should not be exposed to this sport for various debatable reasons. Although it can be argued that youth sports only create injuries and take away from school work, it is necessary to see the great things that come from…show more content…
It teaches a kid that you cannot always accomplish something by yourself, sometimes you need to work as a team. Refer back to the picture at the start of the essay, these kids all accomplished the goal as a team and look how elated they are. Every kid plays a different position and each has a specific job and skill set to contribute to the team as a whole to hopefully produce a win. Teamwork skills not only help in sports, but in classroom group projects and also future jobs when group work may be necessary. This brings us to the second image in the essay. This shows the true aspect of a team. Everyone is together on the field, wearing the same uniform and helmet that covers up all emotions off the field and makes everyone equal and on the same level, creating the team. When a team is huddled together like this with their fists toward the center, they usually chant something that shows unity and hard work, motivating the kids to keep working together to accomplish their goal. Teamwork is not the only social skill that is improved by

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