What Is Willy's Fatal Flaw

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Essay Prompts for Death of a Salesman 1. Aristotle’s definition of a tragedy is “watching a great man fall.” Pardoning Aristotle’s sexist language for the moment, does Willy Loman’s story fit with this definition? Is Willy Loman a great man, and how does he fall? Was he a doomed tragic hero from the get-go, or could he have been saved, and if so, what would have to have happened differently? 2. What is Willy Loman’s fatal flaw; or, what are all his major faults and flaws? How do they contribute to his downfall? 3. Is Willy a good father, or not? Are Biff and Happy good sons, or good men, or not? Analyze the relationships between Willy, his father (who is talked about, though he never appears in the play), and Willy and his…show more content…
Yes, ANY FORMAL ESSAY MUST BE WORD PROCESSED and submitted as a hard copy in class on the due date and as an electronic copy to TurnItIn.com by the due date, and a hard copy of the TurnItIn.com digital receipt must be attached to the hard copy final draft when it is turned in, along with the essay rubric, of course. The rubric goes on top of your final draft and the TurnItIn.com digital receipt goes underneath your final draft. For extra consideration, take on this challenge: Compare and contrast the American Dream as held by Willy, Biff, and Happy Loman, and George and Lennie from Of Mice and Men. How do each of these characters view the American Dream, how do they fail to achieve it, and what effect does their failure to achieve their dreams do to each of them? Consider the theme of being trapped or ‘boxed in’ (for Willy, and also think of where Biff and Happy really want to go and what they really want to do) and consider the ways they all feel about money (and
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