What Is the Worst Lie You Have Ever Told?

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This is a tough question because it is hard for me to think back on all the lies I have told. I am sure there is many worse than the lie that comes to mind but this lie sticks in my head for several reasons. It was one day before my dads 40th birthday and I was 11 years old. My parents had planned to have many people over to celebrate my dad’s birthday the next day. We had spent most of the day cleaning the house and garage where the party would be. In the garage there was a keg of beer for the party and me not knowing what it was naturally it caught my curiosity. My brother who was 8 at the time and myself went over to it and started messing around with it and using it as “toy”. Eventually we discovered that if you pump the handle enough times and then press the button beer comes out. So being 8 and 11 we thought it was a giant squirt gun and started spraying beer everywhere. Eventually the keg emptied and the garage floor was soaked in beer. I threatened my brother after it was all gone and said that if he told mom and dad that it was from the keg that I would hurt him. When me dad came home from work he was not too pleased that the garage was all wet. He came in (most likely already knowing that it was beer on the floor) and asked me what it was. Of course I told a lie and said that it was water from the hose. He asked me probably 10 times what it actually was and I said water every time and that if he didn’t believe me to go ask my brother Michael. He took my word and went and asked my brother if he knew why the garage was wet. Michael at first said water but being 8 the next time my dad asked he said that it was the keg and that the reason he didn’t tell him the first time was because I had threatened to hurt him. My dad instantly came over to me and told me I had one chance to fess up and I still lied. After I lied again he got pretty upset with me and told
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