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Valentino Achak Deng was presented an autobiography from the writer, Dave Eggers. As the word granted Achak hopes, he took the chance to inform the world about the situation in Sudan, Africa. He argues, Sudan needs more support from the society and help to recover and situate the issues that were created upon villages. He encounters the ability to acknowledge the support he is expected to receive from the audience of his life in Sudan. From the novel of Valentino, he shows readers the important actions that he has taken to review and imported to create a scene of truth. He opens his image as he settles a life in United States and came upon a situation he did not expect. As he enforces a conversation to a young boy who clearly does not want any connection or eye contact with Achak Deng, he begins to elaborate his story line to someone he barley knows and claims he has great connection with him to what the boy is going through. The novel, “What is the what” is a fictional autobiography, which replaces the meaning of the argument to a reality of the book. Throughout the novel, Deng uses his present day, from people he comes across to explain his side of his story. He uses them as a way to put his word of “there’s-obviously- a-problem” and imports a strategy of forced teaming to major the issue and have the audiences absorb the need and help that we (Americans) need to realize. He informs us, “I told my story to many audiences, but I wanted the world to know the whole truth of my existence….I wanted to reach out to a wider audience by telling the story of my life” (preface, xiii). His main goal was to explore his unforgettable memory to as many people who would listen. “There is someone in Atlanta who is suffering, who has been beaten, who came to this city looking for nothing but an education and some semblance of stability, and he is now bound in his own

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