What Is The Weight Of The World By Diego Rivera

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Weight of the World The artist Diego Rivera found art in everything he saw, and in all of his surroundings. The majority of his paintings when he returned to Mexico had something in common, the subjects of his paintings are portrayed doing labor work with olive skin, and their clothes, if they are wearing any, are very plain and simple. The nature of his work is what captures his viewers attention. Diego Rivera is one of Mexico's most recognized and famous painter of his time, and his work on The Flower Carrier falls into the same style as those of his other well known pieces of work. The Flower Carrier, also known as El Cargador de Flores, was painted with oil and tempera on Masonite in 1935, it is currently on display at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. The subjects of this painting are coming back from gathering beautiful flowers to be brought back to sell in the local market.…show more content…
There is a large hedge or bush with green leaves that cover the entire canvas of the painting. The floor is a dirt road which stretches across the entire painting. The dirt shows shadows as if the day were slowly turning to night. The dirt shows some signs of growing grass or grass that has died from all the traffic that passes through this stretch of road. One sees the stages of the growth and death of the grass by the use of the darker green for the still healthy grass, the light yellow grass of the dying grass, Sandoval 2 and the light brown for the dirt road where all the grass has died completely. The leaves have great detail and it is more evident because of the shadows used to create more texture to the leaves. Each leaf can be counted one by one. The leaves are a mixture of green and yellow,

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