What Is the View Regarding How Far the Education System Serves to Maintain the Capitalist System?

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What is the view regarding how far the education system serves to maintain the capitalist system? There are many views regarding how far the education system serves to maintain capitalist system, and some of these views are from; Functionalists, Marxists, Feminists and Interactionists and they all agree and disagree on different things and all have different views and opinions on different matters that concern everyone and themselves. Functionalists do agree that their education system is helping to maintain the capitalists because they believe in the metrocratic system which is that if you can work hard you can achieve anything and they believe that the hidden curriculum sets a child up because although it isn’t a real curriculum, it is still in all schools and teaches children how to socialize with other people, and to get them into role that will set them up for schedules and get them suited to the roles of the workplace. They also believe in the correspondence theory which is that the school mirrors the work place I.e. so the schedules and meeting people, and getting them into a routine of working and concentrating for certain hours throughout the day. They also believe in Role allocation which gives children their role in life whether that is a dentist or a cleaner, functionalists believe that this is good because children have to understand their future roles and suit towards them. Secondly, Marxists don’t believe that the education system helps to maintain the capitalist system because unlike functionalists, who believe in achieved status which means that you can work hard to be whatever you want. However Marxists believe in theories such as ascribed status that means that you were born into your class and will stay there for the rest of their lives and they won’t be able to get out of their ascribed status because Marxists believe that they can’t and
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