What Is the Value of Understanding the History of Social Welfare Provision and the Roots of the Human Services Discipline?

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Discussion Question 1 – Week 1 What is the value of understanding the history of social welfare provision and the roots of the human services discipline? How can gaining a historical perspective of social welfare provision help human service workers meet the needs of their clients more effectively and compassionately? Discuss your own experience in human services (or intended career) and how you intend to use your degree. The value of understanding the history of social welfare provision and the roots of human services discipline is due to the fact that the development of the United States social welfare system was based largely on that of England's social welfare system (Martin, 2011). “The practice of human services is wholly influenced by social welfare policy, and to be truly effective in helping the poor and indigent, it is essential that all human service providers gain a level of social and cultural objectivity so that they can more fully understand both how social welfare policy and legislation has evolved over the years and how the complex relationship between such social welfare policy and legislation and the current prevailing attitudes toward the poor influence one another” (Martin, 2011, p. 21). Having a disability; I have been “in the welfare system" all of my life. Do I like the fact that I have to rely on welfare? No. In fact, I hate having to use Medicaid/Medicare for my medical uses but because I'm physically unable to work I have to. I have a lot of people tell me, "well why don't you do this so you can get this?" I tell them that mentality of thinking is just milking the system. Milking the system so to speak is not the way I do things because that just takes away from the people who truly need assistance. I know I'm only one person but it is my hope with this degree that I can do my part to make sure that those who truly need assistance
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