What Is The Transformation In A Lesson Before Dying

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The Transformation In the novel “A Lesson Before Dying”, by Ernest J. Gaines, we learn about man, his suffrage, and his development. It is a story about a young man named Jefferson soar to the peak of humanity and heroism. This novel is structured around Grant. The novel traces his individual growth as he works with Jefferson, and this development gives shape to the work’s overall discussion of individualism, heroism, and transformation. It is a novel of improvement and development. Jefferson has been sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit. His attorney refers him as a hog, but he learns how to become a man and gets off of his four legs and stands. By Grant teaching Jefferson to die with dignity and by Jefferson learning how to die with dignity he is able to initiate a transformation in the community by refusing to fulfill the expected expectations placed upon him by a racist white society. Grant plays an important role in Jefferson’s development. In Jefferson, Grant meets a person ill-tempered and more self-absorbed than himself. Both Jefferson and Grant have suffered injustice, but Grant struggles to help Jefferson understand that these attitudes are preventing him from achieving something remarkable. He…show more content…
They learn to accept themselves and to realize that they are important not only to themselves but to those in their community. They learn through friendship that they have much to offer. Their friendship helps them to see that even though their lives are troubled, they will not be beaten down. They are inspired by each other's friendship and this helps pull them through in the end. Jefferson realizes that he cannot change what has happened but must maintain his pride. This pride helps Jefferson to walk to his death as a man, not a hog. In the end, Jefferson’s life is transformed because of the lessons that he learned before

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