What Is The Theme Of Poverty In Patricia Mccormick's Sold

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Ian Bullock Bullock 1 2-13-09 Block 2 American History Honors SOLD: A BOOK REPORT Sold is a historical fiction novel written by Patricia McCormick that portrays the horrible atrocities of poverty. It details some of the lengths that some people will go to help support family. Also, it displays some of the deceit that goes along with having to support family, and repay debt. In Patricia McCormick's sorrowful and well-written young adult novel, the waking nightmare that young Nepalese girls experience after being sold into sexual slavery is told through the intelligent eyes of 13-year-old Lakshmi. Her family loses the little it…show more content…
Some of it is even slavery. These kids are made to work to pay off debts for mere cents an hour. Lakshmi thinks she is going to work as a maid for a wealthy woman in India. However, she later finds out she has been sold into prostitution. She has been thoroughly decieved, and I know I have been decieved before. If you are in a low place such as a brothel, and you're basically nothing, it helps to have someone to teach you to do something you love. I can relate to having a friend like Harish to pick me up when I'm feeling down. Harish helps her to read and helps to give her strength. I know I have friends like that who would help me if ever needed. In conclusion, the novel 'Sold' was a wonderful read written in free verse and made me feel the pain of these Nepalese girls who are sold into sexual slavery. All in all, the vignette style of writing makes the book easier to read and a bit more interesting. It helps to realize a startling reality that still goes on

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