What Is The Theme Of Mental Confinement In The Yellow Wallpaper

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Charlotte Perkins Gilman's "The Yellow Wallpaper depicts how men oppressed women in a patriarchal society. The narrator describes her struggles to deal with her physical confinement by her husband and his sister and her mental confinement by her postpartum depression. This story gives vivid descriptions oh how her illness consumes her and her inability to deal with it because of her husband's denial. Gilman uses her words to illustrate the mental confinement that the narrator has to go through, the complete effect, and how she reacts to her confinement. The short story starts with the narrator describing the physical features of the colonial house. She describes how isolated the house is and how it is far from the road and located about three miles from the town. There are hedges that go around the garden, and walls that surround the house, and lock gates that offer seclusion from the outside world. With all this surrounding the house, the garden also sumbolizes being confined. There are box-bordered paths and covered poles that give off more confinement. the symbolism of being imprisoned continues with the house itself. The narrator prefered to stay in the room…show more content…
At night she notices a pattern emerges and the wallpaper becomes bars when the moonlight hits it. She also sees a woman behind the bars, shaking the bars. Gilman depicts the woman as a symbol of the narrators own confinement by the patriarchal society. The wallpaper is a metaphor of the narrator's mental state. she states that she can see the woman in every window. She says that it is the same woman because she is always creeping around and most women only creep in the daytime. The narrator eventually removed the wallpaper as her husband walked in and told him that she was out despite him and Jane. She pulled off the paper and she told him that he would not be able to put her back

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