What Is the Role of Education in Todays’ Changing World?

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Roger Hart Instructor: Erin Davis English Composition 101-06/07 July 12, 2011 What is the Role of Education in Todays’ Changing World? There is a dichotomy in todays’ educational world. Many believe that college education does not meet the needs of todays’ students and requires change of the educational system. Many argue that changing the educational system to meet the needs of an ever expanding workforce will change the nature of what is taught to students in college. Others bemoan the loss of the long standing intellectual status quo in academia, the destruction of the college education system and the loss of theoretical intellect. Which view is accurate; all, none or parts of each? Is a compromise of all these views warranted or should the two hundred year old, possibly out of touch system of education be reordered for the needs of a modern world. Education is many things to many people, but foremost it is a commodity being sold. How do these different views affect the consumer of education? Should we view the student as a consumer? Students are in fact consumers of education in every sense of the word and have been since the first educator was remunerated in some fashion for his service. I have reservations to the trend of education being so heavily marketed for profit. I believe excessive marketing is a huge disservice to students on the whole and creates artificially induced logistical and infrastructural problems. More students mean more fiscal challenge colleges must meet with more tuition, creating a self-sustaining need for more profits. Students have a right to expect a certain quality of education; an education useful and valuable to their future. Intellectual academic elitism by some professors who think their view is the only correct one (views that are centuries old, outdated and part of their educational indoctrination by
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