What Is the Most Pivotal Chapter in the Great Gatsby? Essay

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What is the most pivotal chapter in The Great Gatsby? Within this essay I will explain how chapter 3 is the most pivotal chapter within The Great Gatsby. It is pivotal as it’s the first time the reader is confronted with Gatsby’s character; It is also when the reader first gets an understanding of what Gatsby’s ostentatious lifestyle is like through his party and guests marvelling of his Rolls Royce this also tells us how much he is willing to spend to get Daisy’s attention; we also learn that Gatsby spends his time alone at parties and finally Owl Eyes crashing the his car foreshadows future events. The first reason why chapter 3 is the most pivotal chapter within the Great Gatsby is because it when we are first greeted with Gatsby as a character. We learn that he is just an ordinary person as Nick managed to not realise who he was until Gatsby introduced himself, what this means is that the reader can view Gatsby as a person rather than a rumour after this point. We can tell that Gatsby can be considered a normal person by the way Nick exclaims “What!” when Gatsby finally introduces himself. The way he exclaimed “What!” shows that Nick was extremely surprised when he finds out that this seemingly normal man is actually the fabled Gatsby. This is pivotal as the reader and Nick can now view Gatsby as a normal character rather than giant rumour, also the meeting of Nick and Gatsby is very pivotal toward the story, as without Nick Gatsby would have no means of meeting Daisy again after the six years apart. Also the fact that throughout chapter 3 we are given an insight into Gatsby’s ostentatious lifestyle which also tells us how much Gatsby is willing to spend in order to gain Daisy’s attention. This also evokes sadness in the reader as it shows how futile the American dream is. “In his blue gardens men and girls came like moths among the whisperings and the
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