What Is the Most Effective Weapon of Mass Destruction?

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What is the Most Effective Weapon of Mass Destruction? Chemical weaponry is assuredly the top weapon of mass destruction, over biological, and nuclear weaponry. As long as humans have been in existence we have fought against each other, from small brawls to the largest wars. To accompany our warlike nature there are many types of weapons that we have developed over the years to put an end to those who oppose us, from the most basic siege technique of slinging rotting corpses over castle walls to the most advanced nuclear bomb, we are always developing new weapon technology. At the beginning of my research, I had not expected chemical weaponry to be the most effective. I started with the misconception that nuclear weaponry was the best option because of its intimidating public reputation, after all who would want to be disintegrated in a superheated destructive radioactive blast? To prove that chemical weaponry is the most effective, I first must explore the effectiveness of biological and chemical weapons. The very first biological weapons were as simple as the poisoning of water supplies with rye ergot (fungus growing on rye), simply found growing wild. Biological weapons are highly toxic and in many cases are even the most toxic agents known on our planet. For example, the quantity of Botulinum toxin in the dot on an “ i” when delivered properly is enough to kill approximately ten people. (“Biological Weapons;”) There are currently five major toxins being used as biological weapons, these are Small Pox, Anthrax, Botulinum toxin, Aflatoxin, and Ricin. (“Biological Weapons;”) Most of the agents used in Biological weapons need very little time to be grown and can be even grown in similar styles as marijuana. (“Biological Weapons;”) When compared to other types of weaponry, biological weapons tend to be very cheap in comparison to other weapons of mass
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