What Is the Meaning of Life Essay

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Module #8 Homework Assignment Allied American University PHI 100 Philosophy A Text With Readings Professor D. Smith 2-2-14 Module #8 Homework Assignment . What meaning, if any, do you believe that life has? Explain why you believe that life has the meaning (or lack of meaning) that you describe. In my opinion, there is no certain meaning to life. Life to me does not have a definition or a certain purpose, for that reason as individuals we must seek out the meaning of life and that means going on a long journey of living and experiencing all that life has to give and take, to experience all the joys and all the sorrows that “life” has to offer. Life is not an exact science, every individual will have their own interpretations, so the only answer I can offer is that “life” only has the meaning and purpose that you give it, nothing more and nothing less. Do you agree with Hegel that human history exhibits progress? Explain. I do agree with “Hegel” that human history doe’s exhibit progress. History to “Hegel” was not All determined or all encompassing. He recognized that not all historical events or facts would be identifiable through the dialectic. A prime example of this is that if you go back in time, to where someone thought the world was flat, only for “Columbus” to discover that the world was round. There are a number of human history stories that can justify progress being made. Does it matter whether or not life has meaning? If life has no meaning but you are having a lot of fun, should you look closely at the question of whether life has meaning? If you are happy and unbothered, is it better to ignore the question, or is there some reason to look at the question closely anyway? Explain your answer. I think it does matter if life has meaning, because if life is about being happy? Isn’t the American dream to find

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