What Is The Meaning Of Being Well Educated Essay

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Woman who are able to bear children should have the choice to have the child or to abort the pregnancy Women who have been in a sexual relationship, that have not planned for a child and are not married and are not financially responsible and do not have any family support should be able to make a decision to end their pregnancy because if they are required to keep the child it will just means that the mother and child will be dependent on the government to help take care of their responsibilities. Women who have two or more children out of wedlock and are presently depending on welfare should be given the option because if not then there is a possibility that there could be increased amount of cases of deserted babies that will not be left at the safe havens and also it stops senseless decisions such as homemade abortions and having to find babies that have been murdered by being thrown in dumpsters or buried. Women who have been targets of violent offenses such as rape or incest should definitely be given the option to abort because those women are not mentally capable of keeping the baby and have to look at the product of them being a victim of a violent offense. If they do not have the option of making the choice then there could be a possible increase in child abuse because of the horrible act of crime committed. Women who have been abused sexually suffer with chronic depression in most cases. Women who go through such horrible acts of crime tend to be mentally unstable and they are not in any shape to raise a child. Children that are born to those kinds of women usually neglect the children or abuse them in some kind of way. Abortion would be a benefit to the government and the mother; however it would be one less person dependent on government money to take care of their family. The mother would not have to stick with an obligation that she is not ready

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