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<BR> <br>Bloody kings, cross eyed babies, and priests with jade teeth are all signs of the Mayan’s splendid civilization. The Mayans lived on the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico; and their classical period was from 200 - 900 C.E. The Mayans had an extraordinary civilization because of their rich culture and intellect. In a civilization “ a relatively high level of cultural and technological development”(Miriam Webster Dictionary) has to exist. The Mayan calendar is a great example of how intelligent the Mayans were. They used astronomy to figure out that there were 365 days in a year. Their culture and religion also help to declare the Mayans as a great civilization. <br> <br>The Mayan calendar is very complex and accurate. It was made up of three different parts; the Tzolkin, the Haab, and the Long Count. The Tzolkin was their religious calendar and had 260 days in it. The Haab was the secular calendar and was mainly used for crops. It consisted of 20 months of 18 days and a short month of 5 days where they were not supposed to do anything because the days were considered to be unlucky. Every 52 years the Haab and the Tzolkin would start a new year…show more content…
The Mayan had a very structured class system. One would be born into a class and it would be very difficult to move up . The majority of the Mayans were commoners and slaves. They were the ones used for human sacrifices and paid the most taxes to the priests. The only way one could move up would was to become a warrior. The highest class one could be in was a priest, the priests also ruled over cities. Priests and nobles looked different from others. As babies flat boards were placed on their heads so they would be elongated, and they would dangle objects in front of them so they would become cross eyed. Priests and nobles also furthered themselves from commoners by filing their teeth and inlaying jade, and piercing their

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