What Is the Ideal Age Essay

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What is the Ideal Age? The ideal age to me is 20 years old which is the adolescence stage. I selected this age because it is the time spent morphing from child to an adult. At this point in development, adolescence start to form an identity. They begin to figure out who they are and what role they play in society and relationships. The worst age to be is probably 60 or older which is considered late adulthood. I think this is the worst age because you start facing many problems and you stop developing. At this point you start to reflect back on your life and you may start to question your sense of satisfaction. I selected 5 individuals of different ages. The ages were 12,16,20,50,70. I asked the some questions about ideal ages and the worst ages to be. The responses I got were that many agree that the adolescence stage was the stage. Most said that they choose the age of 20 because it is where you being to find out who you are. You get to experience different things dealing with your body and mind. They all said that the worse age is an infant. Due to the fact that your body is going through different changes and you are starting to learn who you can be with or get attached to. The older people I interviewed felt like an older age than what they really were. I believe that was due to the fact that they were experiencing different problems in their life and going through different feelings and emotions. The younger people I interviewed felt younger than what they really were. That the end of this experiment I realized that my answers and the people that study answer for the ideal age was the same. We both felt like the adolescence stage is the ideal age. But our worst age was different. My answer was that the age of 60 and older was the worst age but from my study, the infant stage is the worst age. From this experiment I learned about the different stages

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