What Is The Green Light In The Great Gatsby

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In Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby”, the green light on the Buchanan dock is used to reflect Gatsby’s unattainable love for Daisy. Throughout the novel Fitzgerald shows that Jay Gatsby loves Daisy, and is hope to one day be with Daisy is signified with the green light. Essentially, Gatsby has to get to the light to achieve his goal, which is to be with Daisy. Gatsby’s goal come down to location, Daisy’s house and her dock was located right by the sea. As Nick said on pg 25, Gatsby always was looking at the light. Although Gatsby was concentrated on the light the obstructions were still there. One of which was the sea. Gatsby’s journey wasn’t to just attain Daisy, but he also needed to reach the green light. For him to accomplish the latter

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