What Is The Effect Of Salt And Sugar On The Freezi Essay

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My Philosophy of Nursing Jennifer Walker Florida Atlantic University Jennifer Walker’s Personal Philosophy of Nursing To begin with, this is my personal statement of nursing. Dating back to middle school was where it all began. While in seventh grade I just knew that the medical field was right for me. Every day I asked my mother different questions pertaining to becoming a nurse knowing she could answer them because she was part of the medical field and served as a medical assistant. I would constantly call to her at the top of my lungs as if I was being attacked by a stranger and she would laugh knowing it could only mean one thing; I had questions. As I got older I stuck to my plans and dreams to become a nurse by joining any medical class I could such as Heath Occupational Students of America (HOSA). Upon joining HOSA, I made sure I worked hard to get a higher education and learn all that was available to me so that I could eventually be a productive nurse. Without a doubt, I am still working hard on becoming a nurse and hope to be very successful in overcoming any obstacles that try to stand in the way of me achieving my dreams. In addition, my dreams of becoming a nurse get stronger every day. To me nursing is the function of the nurse, whom in which is educated, skillfully trained and knowledgeable in treating sick patients. Nurses are educated in the sense of being able to state the condition of the patient with little background information. Nurses are skillfully trained and knowledgeable in the sense that they could sense a problem or that something is wrong with the patient and quickly determine the problem along with solutions. Nursing is also the necessity of performing care for patient’s needs; basically helping people to care for themselves. Every day nurses are faced with patients, their families, and nursing peers, in which “Professional

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