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OF MICE AND MEN ESSAY In John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men we are introduced to the hardship undergone during the Great Depression in America. The way people had got treated because of their background and were they were from. The rules weren’t as strict as they are now and people really decided what the rules were. In of mice and men Lennie was one of the most unfairly treated characters which is why the reader should feel most sorry for him. Lennie and George are very different in the way of being best friends. They are two loving and caring best friends than anything else. When Lennie went in to talk to Crook’s, Crook’s and told Lennie, what happens if George doesn’t come back to the ranch. “George gonna come back,” Lennie reassured…show more content…
The next down fall in the novel was when Lennie had killed the puppy and Curley’s wife, because of his mental disability Lennie doesn’t really understand most of the stuff that is said to him and he is very slow, with his disability he can get him in a lot of trouble but most of the time he doesn’t know what could happen until it does happen, but on the other hand the fight that he had with Curley, Lennie didn’t know what to do until they all yelled out to hit him. But when Lennie had got him back by grabbing his hand and squeezing so hard he then didn’t know when to stop. Because Lennie had killed Curley’s wife he then made a run for it, he knew what could happen to him. George had found Lennie and to make sure that Lennie had died on a good note, he had him thinking about what they were going to do when they had enough money. George putting him on a good note was probably the best idea for Lennie because if not Curley could of tortured him. The novel demonstrates the great depression in America and what could happen with a disability like that, No its not Lennie’s fault that he has such a disability and can’t help it, but for the reason he should have been well looked after. Now because of that he has been resulted as dead because of the torture that could have
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