What Is the Difference Between Formal and Informal Leadership? Essay

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What is the difference between formal and informal leadership? As a team we have discussed the differences between formal and informal leadership. In our discussion we have found that formal leadership is when someone is given the authority to act as a leader. It is a position that is given to them by another individual, group, or organization. With this position comes the authority of decision-making, influence, and authority. This person is someone who is specifically picked for this position in order for them to lead a particular group. They are chosen for this position according to this person’s position within the organization and/or the experience that they have. There are many times that there can be problems where power is concerned because of this person’s status or experience. When problems like this arise, it can impact the group as a unit (Eys, Ritchie, Slade & Oddson, 2008). Examples of formal leadership would include teachers in a classroom, captain(s) of a sports team, the principal of a school, the administrator of the school district or a CEO of a company. Another example of a formal leader would be Professor Casey. He has been assigned to lead this class and has authority over all of us and decisions that can affect the class as a whole. In our discussion we have found that informal leadership is when someone is not officially appointed to role as leader. This person has not actual authority to act in the role of the leader. These types of leaders are people that have a natural knack for leading, motivating, and influencing others. People tend to follow these particular people due to that fact that they have respect for them due to their knowledge, motivation, and other influential factors. These types of people can be a positive force in an organization if their goals are the same as the company’s. Even though formal and informal

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