What Is The Crucible Persuasive Essay

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Marisa Mercado March 29, 2011 Crucible Essay English 2/L2 The Crucible is about people on witchcraft trials. Innocent people were accused of doing witchcraft and they were hung for it. The people were given a choice whether to tell a lie and say that they did see the devil and they will be saved. Some of the people really did not see it but they wanted to save their lives. John was going to lie and say that he saw the devil but he signed the paper and then he ripped it up. John knew that it would be wrong to lie about something that he did not see at all, so he was hung for it. Have you ever been blamed for something that you really did not do? Well, we call them scapegoats. Most stories have scapegoats. The Crucible has
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