What Is the Actual Relationship Between Color and Personality Behavior

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Best Answer What is the actual relationship between color and personality/behavior? A color helps to reveal your personality. By that not only do I mean to say that color tells me about how the individual acts it is also indicative of how a person wants to react to his surrounds. Then there are many associations, which we have that do not necessarily apply to each individual in the same way. Nor are there some kinds of standards which permanently for one person and then imply that that person cannot have another attribute and so change his color preferences. Black and Blue Currently I am wearing black for example, which does not mean that I am a somber individual, a person who is in mourning or a person who is evil. Black is not an actual color because it is the absorption of all the color wavelengths, yet it is seen as a color much as white is, to the average person. All these characteristics have been associated over the years as one sees death as something dark and anybody pictured in a film as representing that would be dressed in black. I am a serious person though and sometimes my humor is dark so perhaps black is representative of that. Sometimes I might even get depressed, not wanting to wear any particularly flashy color, so that may cause me to turn to dark colors but not necessarily black. My current thoughts have been influenced by Luscher's color test but I have also formed my own ideas from experience and other readings. Luscher developed a theory describing the personality of people behind the colors that they chose and even developed a theory on the preference people have for two colors, one of which would be more desirable than the other. This allowed researchers to look more deeply into the person's personality. Now current trends have influenced the way people see color as so many young post-yuppies wear dark suits and blue shirts, which

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