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What is Strategy ? Strategy is a long term direction of an organisation. It also determines as the long-run goals and objective of an enterprise and the adoption of courses of action and the allocation of resource necessary for carrying out these goals according to Alfred D. Chandler. The long-term direction of an organisation refers to two advantages. First, the long-term direction of an organization can include both deliberate, logical strategy and mire incremental, emergent pattern of strategy. Second, long-term direction can include both strategies that emphasise difference and competition, and strategies that recognise the roles of cooperation and even imitation. There are three element of this strategy definition which are the long term, direction and organization. * The long-term strategies are typically measured over years for some organization a decade or more. * Strategic direction is a strategies follow some kind of long-term direction or trajectory. Sometime a strategic direction only emerges as a coherent pattern over time. * Organization are not treated as discrete, unified entities. Organization involve complex relationships, both internally and external stakeholders. Levels of strategy There are there main levels of strategies that can exist in an organization which are corporate-level strategy, business-level strategy and operational strategies. * Corporate-level strategy is concerned with the overall scope of an organization and how value is added to the constituent business of the organizational whole. * Business-level strategy is about how the individual businesses should compete in their particular markets. * Operational strategies are concerned with how the components of an organization deliver effectively the corporate and business-level strategies in term if resources, processes and people. Strategy statements

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