What is Science's Role in the Epedemic of Obesity Essay

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Riyad Mamedyarov M3A Science Ms. Lepry What role should science play in the obesity epidemic? Science plays a pretty big role in the obesity epidemic through the measurements of energy in foods. Almost everything we eat has calories, this is energy which helps us grow and live. Consuming too much calories can be very unhealthy in some cases. One instance is when eating too, or eating fast foods that contain much more calories than normal food. This can cause a person to become fat or even obese, which is becoming a huge problem in 1st world countries where it is easily available, but the problem is affecting 3rd world countries too, because it is easily available and also very cheap, poor people also buy the fast food and eat it with great happiness, but because that would be all that they eat, it could have a growing dependency and addiction to fast food because of all the sugar and salt and great tastes. I had also observed that in the class in which this was shown, even after we were shown the horrible affects of McDonalds and other fast food chains, almost all of the class was very much craving the exact same food that the documentary condemned as a health hazard and number 1 reason for unintentional deaths in the world. Why do you ask that people crave fast food? It is because our minds are used to it, the delicious smell the awesome taste and these people have grown up with it, they are used to it and this movie has brought back to feeling of eating it. I have asked 5 people if they had eaten McDonalds after they saw the movie and 4 people said yes, that’s

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