What Is Reality Tv?

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What is reality? According to the dictionary, it is the quality or state of being actual or true. Reality can be a person, an entity, or an event, that is actual. It can also be the totality of all things possessing actuality, existence, or essence or something which exists objectively and in fact. These days there is a growing trend towards reality TV shows that are based on external shallow values. With the appeal of junk food, it has a powerful hypnotic effect even on the strongest minds. But while reality TV may seem like a harmless form of entertainment, the damage (which is done so subtly) is very powerful and therefore it deserves a closer look. Reality television has become one of the biggest revenue makers for television channels and is one of the most popular genres of media provided by television, with pay TV now having niche channels just for reality TV. One of the biggest reality TV shows to hit the world in recent years has been Big Brother, in 2008 Australia had it’s 8th season and other countries clocking up to 16 series. People love reality TV so much because they can see themselves in the people on their TV screens and can relate to them or their situation. Reality TV includes shows such as Big Brother, through to more fictional shows such as Law and Order, any show that is based on reality can be deemed a ‘reality TV’ show. The actors within these series become superstars in a matter of months and generations look up to them. The popularity of reality TV shouldn't come as a surprise considering the fact that we live in a culture that worships vanity, rather than virtue, and lives by the mantra of 'He with the most toys lives,' rather than 'He with the most joys lives.' It's been said that circumstances don't make a man, they only reveal him. Likewise, reality TV is merely a reflection of what our society has become. A society that

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