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ESSAY #2 STRUCTURE & CONTENT PLEASE NOTE: Students can discuss South Africa and/or other developing countries such as India. Introduction Comprises 1-2 paragraphs that state the main issue of the essay, the argument that will be presented regarding the issue, and the evidence that is to be used to support the argument. Examples of ideas that can be included in the introduction: • This essay conceptualises food as an aspect of culture. Food is linked to culture and says much about the nature thereof (food is a manifestation of material culture). Shifts in ideas (how and what we think) in behaviour changes (what we do). Eating habits are thus influenced by culture and cultural changes. • We eat every day and those choices can make a difference to farms, communities and landscapes near and far. • The predominant industrial agricultural systems of today, heavily dependent on fossil fuels and cheap labour. • Food produced in this way has devastating environmental and human consequences. • What people eat says a lot about their society and culture. • Food is also important in explaining consumerism, cultural assimilation, modernisation, globalization and how beliefs and rituals change. • Sociologists examine how our nutritional habits are based on cultural identity, gender, age, race and ethnicity, and social class. How do lifestyles, social class, gender, and ethnicity influence food selection and consumption? Main Body This consists of a number of paragraphs. Ideally each paragraph should have: • a first sentence that states the main idea of the paragraph • a number of points relating back to the main issue • a link relating back to the essay topic • a final sentence that points to the idea in the next paragraph These are some of the main ideas you can discuss in your essay: The factors that

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