What Is Philosophy Essay

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After reading the material and listening to the podcasts, I think philosophy means to think about questions to gain more knowledge about them. In the podcast “What is philosophy?” one of the interviewees named Robert says he believes that the Greek term of philosophy is right. It is the way of loving knowledge. I also agree with Robert because why do people question things. They question things because they want to know more. Philosophers answer the questions by carefully analyzing them. They have to think logically and idealistically to answer them. Not all people are philosophers because they do not want to think in depth about the questions being asked. Like it says in the book “….philosophers deal do require quite a high level of abstract thought” (pg1, par2). So philosophers do the dirty work by thinking and these non-philosophical people just pick the answer they agree on more and that fits their ideas best. Philosophers debate with each other trying to prove their point is right or more accurate than the others. Debates is not only to sit there and argue, but to find out what other people think and why they think this way. In the same podcast as I mentioned before Dawn Cupid thinks that philosophy is critical thinking and trying to become aware how others think and how our thinking shapes theirs. Many philosophers through time have changed their point of view how they think about a certain topic because they have heard others’ point of views. Going back to what Dawn Cupid says yes our views can often help shape other way of thinking. We don’t all think the same way and maybe someone else thinks in ways that we have not thought about before. Someone else’s way of thinking can open a whole new path way in our way of thinking about a topic. In philosophy not all people will agree with your thinking and other will have their opinions but that is

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