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Odysseus’ Cleverness inside the Cave In Homer’s epic, The Odyssey, Odysseus is trying to get home after ten years being away from his wife Penelope. On the way home he must use cleverness to try and get out of tough situations. In the Odyssey there are many people who are clever. I believe that Odysseus is the cleverest person of all for escaping the cave with only two crew members died. Odysseus shows his cleverness by telling the Cyclops “Nobody-that’s my name. Nobody- so my mother and father call me, all my friends.”(9. 410-411). In the past people used cleverness to sneak out of death, and horrible times. Such as Odysseus doing this to the Cyclops “I dragged it from the flames, my men clustering round as some god breathed enormous courage through us all.…show more content…
Also Odysseus gets the Cyclops to drink the wine, which gets him drunk and he falls asleep. That lets Odysseus chop up the spear that he will drive into the Cyclops’ eye. After they do that they hide under the sheep so that when Cyclops reaches down he will only fell the sheep’s fur. “I took them three by three; each ram in the middle bore a man while the two rams either side would shield him well. So three beasts to bear each man, but as for myself? There was one bellwether ram, the prize of all the flock, and clutching him by his back, tucked up under his shaggy belly, there I hung, face upward, clinging for dear life, my spirit steeled, enduring…So we held on, desperate, waiting Dawn’s first light.” (9. 478-487) This is why I think that Odysseus is clever. He first gets the Cyclops to drink the wine to get him drunk and to fall asleep, and then he drives the spear into his eye which makes him blind. After that he finds a way to get out of the cave and get into the boat safely. These are must of the situations that Odysseus is at his best to use his

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