What Is Normal Sexual Behavior

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Courtney Richardson October 12, 11 Human Sex Dr. Bass Midterm After conducting five interviews, one has come to the determination that normal sexual behavior can be refereed to but not limited to a personal or a social norm. Most cultures have social norms regarding sexuality, and define normal sexuality to consist only of certain legal sex acts between individuals who meet specific criteria of age, consanguinity race/ethnicity ,miscegenation and/or social role and socioeconomic status. In most societies, the term 'normal' is actually a spectrum. In other words, rather than each act being simply classified as "acceptable" or "not acceptable", in practice many acts are viewed as "more or less accepted" by different people, and the opinion on how normal or acceptable they are greatly depends on the individual making the opinion as well as the culture itself. Based on information gained from sexological studies, a great many ordinary people's sex lives are very often quite different from popular beliefs about normal, in private. If non-restrictive sexual norms are regarded positively, they may be called sexual freedom, "sexual liberation" or "free love". If they are regarded negatively, they may be called "sexual licence" or "licentiousness". Restrictive social norms, if judged negatively, are called sexual oppression or "compulsory heterosexuality;" if the restrictive norms are judged positively, they may be regarded as encouraging chastity, "sexual self-restraint" or "sexual decency", and negative terms are used for the targeted sexuality, e.g. sexual abuse and perversion. When the proposed question, what is abnormal sexual behavior was introduced a different approach came about. Through conducting these interviews, it was found to be that abnormal sexual behavior may not only be socially inappropriate, but also offensive or injurious to the self and to
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