What Is Martha Stewart White Collar Crime

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Abstract This paper explores the white-collar crime of Martha Stewart. A very wealthy businesswoman who is well known for her elegant homemaking advice was convicted of making false statements and obstruction of justice when she sold her stock shares the day before the stock fell. White-collar crimes should not be taken lightly and deserve harsh sentences. White-Collar Crime White-collar crime is not your typical day-to-day street crimes. White-collar individuals are usually already wealthy people who commit crime without getting their hands dirty. These types of criminals use their intelligent minds to embezzle money and get away with it. Corporations do not know that such criminals are apart of their staff. White-collar criminals are usually “well respected in their communities and take part in national affairs” (Schmalleger, 2008). Martha Stewart a businesswoman who is known for her quick tips in making peoples homes a better more stylish place was convicted of lying to investigators about a stock sale…show more content…
People who are already wealthy and commit white-collar crimes should not be let off easily. They hurt innocent peoples pockets while pocketing money for themselves. Prison time is like a death sentence to those who grew up having everything they ever wanted. Once people become greedy and start committing crimes like Martha Stewart then they deserve to get punished for stealing money. Prison rehabilitates criminals and once freedom, money and life’s luxuries are taken away from white-collar criminals then they will learn that committing such crimes are not worth prison time. Alternative sentences should not be given because being isolated from the world will be more effective then giving them house arrest because they will not be in the luxury of their own

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