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April 2, 2012 Malcolm X Essay The Autobiography of Malcolm X did come across some inappropriate moments. For example, the drug dealing, gambling, sex, and race. In my opinion, parents should not object the material in the autobiography because it is material students should know and be aware of. Things like this happen in the real world and parents do not want their children to be completely oblivious to their bad surroundings. Even though there was a lot of things in the Autobiography that parents may not find okay for students to read, they need to understand that things like that can happen anywhere in the world. Racism may not be as bad as it was before, but plenty of people continue to be the way there are to this day. As for the…show more content…
He starts off the book by being “Malcolm Little”, where he experiences so much throughout life. As a child, Malcolm attended middle school with a bunch of whites, where they do not exactly treat him right. He learned not to like whites because they treated him so bad. His next role was “Detroit Red”. The reason why he got this name was because his hair was red. This name stuck with him for a while but it wasn’t the best. This is the part of his life where Malcolm begins to hustle, gamble, slang, and do drugs. Malcolm also learns not to trust anyone but himself and know all his enemies inside and out. He was very into the night life and getting seduced by women each and every night. While Malcolm was in prison he earned the name “Satan” because he had a really bad temper. After letting five years of hustling catch up to him, Malcolm actually decides to turn his life around. Malcolm wants to turn his outlook on whites around and be able to accept them. Which then, later on in life, Malcolm is known as “Malcolm X”. This is the point in Malcolm’s life where he actually believes he can be a religious leader. Although, he has a lot of work to do in order for people to accept the fact that he’s a different man. He does everything he can to address white America and let them know what is happening. People actually decide to take Malcolm seriously when he visits Africa and counsels the

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