What Is M1 True

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Entrepenuers are motivated to risk time, money, and other resources in an effort to gain a profit for themselves. However, their efforts yeild benifits to many others in society in addition to their personal profits True  Durring the Industrial revolution, the production process shifted from skilled artisans working in small workshops to semiskilled workers employed in large factories True  The federal goverment experiences a budget deficit when its revenue from taxes is higher than its expenditures False  M1 and M2 are commonly used deffinitions for money supplies. If you use the debit card connected to your checking account to make a purchase it would be reffered to as M1 True  An entrepenuer with limmitted funds who wanted to start a new business would…show more content…
In order to increase his income, he beggins charging customers more for each car wash and pocketing the difference. His actions are not unethical because Right Touch will not suffer a financial loss False  Whistle-blowers bring illegal and sometimes unethical company behavior to the attention of regulators and advocy groups True  Effective communication is more about style than it is about substance False  In global communication, the successful comunicator assesses the audience's comfort level with the English language False
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