What Is Love? English Patient

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What is Love? The Book “The English Patient” circles around love. Almasy has his love towards Katherine, Caravaggio has his love towards Hana, and Hana has her love towards Kip and Almasy. Even though there is all this love going around, each character has a different image of what love is. The most discussed one is Caravaggio’s image. Caravaggio believes that loving someone depends on how smart they are and that is what attracts one person to another. Caravaggio wants Hana to leave with Kip and have a love life with him, but she refuses to leave the English Patient’s side. The English Patient spends the whole time talking in the story and introducing them all to his adventures. Caravaggio believes that Hana loves him for that reason, because “Talkers Seduce, words direct us into corners.” When Almasy is telling his stories, they are all gathered around him and listening without making a sound. Hana has been there from the beginning, before Kip and Caravaggio, and she had spent the whole time listening to his stories and reading his stories when he is asleep. She has been dazzled by Almasy and his words. She refuses to leave his side and always asks him to continue when he stops. Even when she isn’t listening to his stories, she is reading one of the books suggested by him so she can learn more from him. Therefore, Caravaggio thinks that talkers, like Almasy, seduce others with their words. The words attract people like blue light attracts flies, and it traps them till death. There is nothing interesting about Almasy other than his stories; he is a burnt man who cannot even move or care for himself. This is why Caravaggio refuses to believe that Hana truly loves the Patient, instead she is simply in love with his words. Caravaggio at this point is pointing out how being smart changes a person’s love towards another. He says that Hana is in love with the
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