What Is Love? Essay

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"What is love? Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more" (Heyward Jones). Love is eternal, and history proves time and time again that people desire it and need it to survive. A relationship possesses many different appearances, from friendships to families to an intimate relationship. The beauty of varying aspects and demands allows for more than one relationship to exist. Society does have rules however, and the consequences of cheating or hurting another can result in the end of a relationship. In many cases, a person is unaware of the pain he causes or the hole he creates. Ernest Hemingway deals with both the pain of a relationship, but also the fruitfulness that develops from them. His real world dealings allow him to relate directly with his characters, and to add a personal touch which some writers may lack. The context of this writing demands some attention, but between the 1920's and now the main changes that occur are the new standards. These "new standards" incorporate the modern view of a relationship and the looser restrictions on partners. Society's new views consist of more open affiliation and a lesser focus on marriage. The task with relating Hemingway's writing to today happens to be quite simple, because he manages to integrate factors of both a marriage and a friendship that are eternal. Although this view happens to be his, he brings into light several key points that were present in the 1920's. Due to the recent world war, people are slightly distraught and a solid relationship is essential. Hemingway utilizes eternal points such as these to allow for an everlasting message in his books. Still, relationships have a dark side and as much as Hemingway incorporates cheer, he does not leave out the reality. Hemingway's view of relationships in A Moveable Feast, "Hills like White Elephants" and "Snows of Kilimanjaro" reveals that perfection remains

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