What Is Live Action Role Playing? Essay

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What IS Live Action Role-Playing? Imagine a scene: two small humanoids, let's call them goblins, stand defiantly facing a larger, more formidable group of people. There's a voice, “There's only two of them, what can they do?” The goblins exchange a glance and a grin before beginning what they know is a suicidal charge. Swinging their weapons and screaming battle cries as they attack they catch the larger group off-guard and create mayhem before being overwhelmed. They know they will die, but it will be a “glorious death.” LARPing, short for Live Action Role Playing, is a pastime that is often thought of as a good way to “get away” from everyday life (Willson). LARP events can last anywhere from half an hour to several weeks, can take place in any location from backyards to state parks, and can have anywhere from a small handful to several hundred players. Each LARP group or organization has its own rules, its own invented history, and it can exist in any “universe.” Some examples of these universes include science fiction/fantasy, Victorian horror, tabloid exploits, cartoons or even recreations of historical eras or famous works of literature such as Terry Pratchett's Discworld series or Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern. LARPing combines features of role-playing games, interactive theater and even board games. By surveying the members of the Shard LARP Organization, I discovered there are many benefits to joining a LARP. There are four primary reasons: expressing creativity and imagination, improving critical thinking and problem solving skills, engaging in physical exercise, or just making new friends. Many people may think that the activity is frivolous and childish, but those who participate will say this is exactly why more people should become involved. In short, a LARP is a grown-up version of playing make-believe and a way of re-discovering

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