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Romaine Smith Susan Doody ENG 11-4118 March 5, 2013 Response essay 3 The Testing of One’s Faith In Langston Hughes essay, “Salvation,” Hughes tells a story of how he was forced into receiving Christ by his peers, relatives and preacher. Hughes illustrates himself as a little boy, whose decision one morning, reflect the human races instinctive tendency to conform and in a sense, obey. He describes how that morning at church, vicariously, he was pressured to go up to the altar and be saved by seeing the light of god. In his essay, Hughes shows us how making a decision can be difficult with the force of peer pressure, a state of disillusion and a moment of regret. Benefit or Burden? Growing up, we are faced with many pressures. Many of the pressures may give us an uneasy feeling and result in poor judgments or decisions. In Hughes case: his aunt, the priest, and the congregation put tremendous amounts of pressure on him to become a member of the church. “Langston, why don’t you come? Why don’t you come and be saved? Oh, lamb of god! Why don’t you come?” His aunt sobbed. Hughes felt the pressure while sitting in the mourner’s chair, his friend Westley decides to get up and be saved. Hughes is overwhelmed with his friend’s decision seeing that he knew that he had not seen the light of Jesus Christ yet.…show more content…
There comes a point when the way we perceive things changes unexpectedly; a point when we come to a sudden realization that things aren’t always the way we perceive them. “Still I kept waiting to see Jesus” (Hughes 5). Hughes eventually came to a sudden realization that Jesus will not physically come to save him. After Hughes realized that Jesus was more spiritual than physical, he saved himself by pretending to see Jesus. He was saved not by his love for Jesus like the congregation had probably hoped, but instead by his desire to conform, obey and

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