What Is Judgement Inside and Out? Essay

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What is Judgement Inside and out? Have you ever been judged before or judged someone? Have you ever wondered what the terrible effects this type of issue has? Maybe now you should? Human beings are prone to judge and assess each other and even ourselves. Judgement has a negative effect not only on the victim but also you. Some of the horrible affects that judgement has is anxiety, anger and torment which all lead to high blood pressure and heart problems. In the worst case scenario judgement could lead to suicide. By saying this, judgement prevents you from living a healthy lifestyle that is full of joy, happiness and peace (Thaik, 2013). Judgement is a key issue not only found in World Shaker but also in Society. Throughout this moral speech I will be showing you examples of how judgement is highlighted throughout World Shaker by supporting it with evidence. Through engaging in this key issue I will be discussing what judgement is, the affects it has and the characteristics of a judgemental person. World Shaker links judgement through the judging of classes. Many issues are displayed in World Shaker, one of the main is being judgement. Judgement is the act of assessing each other and even ourselves (Oxford University Press, 2014). People judge each other based on their first impression, your occupation, the things you buy and wear, the technology you have, where you shop, your appearance, your personality, your religion, your race and where you live. People also judge each other to make themselves feel better and have power. This is seen in many cases throughout World Shaker. One example in particular is found on page 35 which says “Go back down there where you belong!” By saying this Col is trying to say that a filthy has no right to be up here as she is seen as being worthless and useless because she is a filthy. Now this is one area in life where all humans go
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