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What sparked my interest as a reader is reading between the lines threw the chapter exercises. Such as pictures clues, words and text clues and last but not least I look for emotions (feelings). It also made me take what I know already and draw my own conclusion. My predictions that came to mind was how my friends and family look at me as a person who will be in the Fashion Industry, But I just simply have a fashion sense. Another picture that comes to mind was after reading, “ Fear the College Years” I knew what the character John Corcoran was going threw. Due to I know people personally who struggle with at an adult level. How did I connect to the reading was by reaching a conclusion on the basis of evidence and reasoning. When I think about the hidden information on my own, I understand what the author has written and from there I can make an inference. Why was Chapter 8 was important is because it talks about point of views which can link with Chapter 7 inference, due to you are forming your own opinion. What link them together was from Chapter 8 exercise 8.9 Interpreting an Editorial Cartoon it’s basically drawing your own conclusion it coincide with Chapter 7 exercise Implied Meaning in Cartoons. It’s important to read between the lines in both chapters for clues. How the chapter enhance my future learning is by gathering information before speaking on it. Also by reading between the lines of discussion’s or stories for that matter. So this will be added to my everyday learning experiences as far dealing with people and with school as well.

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