What Is In The Name Healer? Essay

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What is in the name "Healer"? The nursing, is the prominent, responsible but sensitive profession across the globe because its depth and diversification. The reason to use the words depth and diversification is, this profession is directly belong to human and human life and this depth is not only restricted in any particular society, it is the global phenomena. Furthermore, the role of nurse is not just only to cure the patient medically but ethically because there are lots of disease and situation when a patient or the family member of the patient feel himself or herself as the helpless identity with no any further healing. The role of nurse in the shape of “Healer” comes here because Nurse is the first person who performs his or her responsibility as a first person to communicate with the patient. Nurse is the person who works as the channel among the doctor, patient and patient’s family member. During the course of this discussion we would be looking at the perspective of nursing profession and nurses in the form of healers from the services and roles that they play within a community or any indigenous population. In addition to this the different forms of cultural conceptions and ethical implications which are associated with this particular profession will also be highlighted. In different society these Healers play their according to the time and need basis such as in some part of World these healers work as the community workers. Community nurses working in various fields, providing primary health care across the lifespan. They provide comprehensive nursing care for the whole range of health needs to clients throughout the community for community health centers, primary health clinics, public health units, schools and universities, local councils and customers’ homes. Community nurses provide health care to persons requiring health interventions and

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