What Is Hypnosis? Essay

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What is Hypnosis? To define the word hypnosis is not an easy task as there are various conflicting theories concerning the different practices and beliefs surrounding this fascinating subject. Hypnosis has been proven to be very effective although is still a controversial subject. In the past many people considered it to be little more than hocus-pocus, nonsensical rubbish with no real evidence of its success, but more and more people today are discovering its benefits psychologically and physically and the misconceptions are beginning to slowly disperse.” According to (Waterfield, Hidden Depths (nd) ) no one really knows what hypnosis is and this is part of the attraction.” In the content of my essay and exploration of hypnosis I will be covering the psychological and physical aspects and the role of relaxation. Hypnosis dates back thousands of years ago the earliest evidence of its existence was found among Shamans, who were referred to as witch doctors, medicine men or healers. (Hadley and Staudacher, Hypnosis for change. (n.d) ). Evidence suggest Ancient Egyptians and the Aborigines used hypnosis or trance as it was then called, so consequently hypnosis in its many forms has been around for a long time. In the 1700’s, one very famous hypnotist Franz Anton Mesmer studied the effects the planets had on the human body, he believed that by using magnets to produce a magnetic force he could magnetise his patients by allowing cosmic fluid to flow throughout the body dispersing any blockages and enabling healing. Mesmer developed his theories of hypnosis and by the 1780’s had discarded his use of magnets for a deep tub filled with water that had iron rods protruding from it that were held by patients in order to achieve a cure. (A brief history, Chrysalis). Mesmer termed his technique animal magnetism. In 1814 Abbe Faria, suggested that the

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