What Is Hypnosis? Essay

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I. Introduction “We are what we imagine. All that we will become begins with our imagination. With our images we make the world.” Buddha Hypnosis is a primary tool to reprogram our thoughts at the deepest possible level so we can unlock our hidden potential for amazing things. The use of hypnosis as a therapeutic tool is as old as man himself. In present time, we divide hypnosis into three terms: Hypnosis – when we refer to the state Hypnotherapy – when we refer to the process Clinical hypnosis – when we refer to therapeutic application The question is, how can we reach the state of hypnosis? II. History of hypnosis Hypnosis has been used under many different names down through the centuries. While there is evidence displaying the use of hypnosis rituals during pre-historic times, one of the first visual accounts was through the hieroglyphics decorating tombs dated at 3000 BC that show ancient Egyptians using it. The Egyptians used healing sanctuaries to heal people with all sorts of problems, both physical and mental, most of which today would be classed as psychological problems. These healing sanctuaries were called Sleep Temples, and were dedicated to the priest Imhotep. In these temples worshipper (also called Seeker) was put into a trance like sleep. Through his dream interpretation and help from priests and priestesses Seeker was awaken to his real self and in so doing could regenerate physically, mentally and spiritually. Much of what went on in the Temples we recognize now as suggestion therapy. The procedure for formal hypnotic induction as it is known and used today actually came from there, is well. The success of the Egyptian Sleep Temples led to their introduction in Greece in 4th Century BC and in Rome 100 years after that. The temples remained popular and functioning during the flourishing period of the Roman Empire. Even now

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