What Is Hypnosis Essay

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My essay will cover some brief history of hypnosis, how it was first practised and the people who introduced it. I will explain in my own words my understanding of hypnosis by explaining what happens, also the physical and physiological changes that takes place. I will also put forward my understanding of the role of relaxation and some of the reasons people have hypnosis. Hypnosis has been used by every culture in one way or another, people believed that it was some form of power that could be used to perform miracles and control minds. Nobody is certain where the practise of hypnosis came from, but it is thought that ancient Egyptians used a form of hypnosis in their dream temples. This can been seen in their wall paintings where an apparently sleeping person had others around him making hypnotic passes over him. A man called Franz Anton Mesmer who was born in the village of Iznang in 1734 originally studied theology at university but then went on to study law and then medicine. He received his doctorate with dissertation on the influence of the planets on the human body, he gained very much respect not only from the medical capacity but also from the Viennese community. It was said in the early 1770s Mesmer had watched a number of performances by Father Johann Gassner , whom was a catholic priest and used hypnotic techniques to carry out exorcisms using a metal crucifix. Mesmer did not believe that the people were possessed but metal crucifix magnetised them and from this he developed his theory animal magnetism. In 1774 Mesmer produced an artificial tide in a patient by getting ger to swallow a fluid containing iron and then placing magnets to different parts of her body, the lady reported feeling streams of fluid running through her body, and her symptoms vanishing for many hours. Mesmer did not believe the magnets had cured

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