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“What is Human Services?” January 7, 2013 University of Phoenix “What is Human Services?” The field of Human Services is usually defined as having the objective of assisting individuals in meeting human needs by focusing on prevention as well as working to remedy the problems. Human Services have a commitment of improving the overall quality of life for all clients in the agencies service areas. The Human Service Profession works to improve service delivery systems by addressing concerns of quality of direct services, by improving accountability, accessibility of service needs and coordinating with other professionals and agencies that are involved in providing service delivery. Human Service professionals work in a variety of community settings like clinics, schools, correctional facilities, group homes, halfway houses, shelters and Adult day care programs. The primary purpose of Human Services is to provide assistant to individuals and communities by providing easy accessibility to the professionals and agencies in the area that assist with the services. The services range from help in the homes, finding acceptable housing, programs for substances abuse or addiction, mental or physical illness and violence in families, unemployment benefits, poverty, to assisting older individuals and people with disabilities by providing counseling, cash assistance and educational tools. The Human Services profession has historic tries that go back to Biblical times, but the context of today is based on similar influences from England. The Elizabethan Poor Laws acted as a guide from the development of the American social welfare policy. (Martin, 2007). The Charity Organization Societies was started after frustration over the failure of the welfare system. Rev. S. Humphreys Gurteen wanted to find a system to provide

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