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What is Human Services? Samonia Henderson BSHS/302 Introduction to Human Services 7/31/2012 Amber Templain-Kuehn What is Human Services? Human service is a field where there is basic knowledge, education and practice, and having a nature of caring and wanted to help the lives of other people. Why is Human Service so Important? I believe that the purpose of human services is needed and is important role for today economies. Why? I believe that Human service was needed in the 18th century or maybe early on, but I do know that human services are needed for today. When we look at today economy we see different people with different background, who have different culture, different beliefs, different gender, loss of jobs, and lack of education, family problems, and loss of a love one who had died. When we see so many different problems in many people lives that have been broken and they don’t know how to fix it, then that’s where human service professionals come in and help the people get back on track where they can live they life fuller. That’s why I believe that human service is important. Human service is a field where human services professionals are working in a field of social or human services. The social and human service field have a wide range of skills and with these skills come with many responsibilities as a human service professionals. I believe that the purpose of human services is needed and is important role for today economies. The purpose of human service is helping people overcome social problems, in their everyday life. Human service professionals try to find way to prevent conflict, finding ways for problem solving, and providing commitment and trust, to improve the quality and function of human services to different populations. Human service workers help people with their physical and emotional needs or burdens in their lives that

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